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Why Homeopathy
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What is Homeopathy?

The word homeopathy derives from the Greek word "Homoios" meaning similar, and "pathos" meaning suffering. Homeopathic remedies are generally dilutions of natural substances from plants and minerals. Based on the three, principles proven and developed by Dr. Hans Heinrich Reckeweg, which states that;

(1) "Like cures like"
(2) "The more the remedy is diluted, the greater its potency"
(3) "An illness is specific to the individual"

These remedies specifically match different symptom patterns or" profiles of illnesses" and act to stimulate the body's natural healing response. This healing modality is a low-cost, all-natural system of medicine used by hundreds of millions of people worldwide. It is particularly effective in treating chronic illnesses that fail to respond to conventional treatment.

What is Homotoxicology?

An antihomotoxic preparation employs the principle of Homeopathy using the all-natural and non-toxic plant-and-mineral-based preparation, which aims to activate the body's intrinsic self-healing processes and cleanse the organism's system of toxic deposits or "Homotoxins".

These preparations frequently restore diseased organs to normal function, accelerate the patient recovery from acute afflications, and provide long term alleviation of symptoms, even in illnesses, which are chronic or recurrent in nature.

How do these modalities work?

The body of every person contains a vital force within, which regulates the functioning of the body.
Due to heredity, environmental factors or stress, this vital force weakens, causing disease. A disease is nothing but a complex of certain symptoms the patient is complaining of. This determines and draws a"bigger" picture of the patient. A combination protocol of Homeopathic medicine is then administered to match this "picture" aiming to primarily detoxify the patients system.

The medicine is given in minute doses and creates a similar disorder in the vital force and engages the vital force of the body to react to the symptoms and soon overcome them. Vaccines for small pox or a flu shot relies heavily on this premise of highly diluted doses to help the body diseases.

"The long-term benefit of Homeopathy to the patient is that it not only alleviates that presenting symptoms but it re-establishes internal order at the deepest levels and thereby provides a lasting cure."

George Vithoulkas

Director: Athenian School of Homeopathic Medicine

" The highest ideal of care is the speedy gentle, and enduring restoration of health by the most trustworthy and least harmful way."

Samuel Hahnemann

Father of Homeopathy

Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, a German physician, known for his work in pharmacology, hygiene, public health, industrial toxicology and psychiatry, founded homeopathy in the late 18th century

Principles of homeopathy:

►Law of similars - "like cures like"
►Law of infinitisimal dose - the more a remedy is diluted, the greater its potency
►Holistic medical model - an illness is specific to the individual

Arndt-Schulz Law (Law of Hormesis)

►strong stimuli inhibit an organism
►moderate stimuli suppress an organism
►weak stimuli stimulate an organism

A homeopathic remedy with its ultra-dilute concentration stimulates biological processes to reach a maximum response

Homeopathic remedies:

►Dilutions of natural substances from
plants, animals and minerals
►Specifically match the different
symptom patterns or profiles of illness
►Act to stimulate the body's natural healing process

Preparing homeopathic remedies

►A tincture of a natural substance, e.g. plant, animal or mineral is diluted with pure water or alcohol
►This dilution is succussed or shaken vigorously
►Dilution and succussion are repeated to an extent that literally no molecules of the original substance remain in the remedy

Classical Homeopathy

►A symptom "picture" unique to the patient and his environmental condition will correlate to an appropriate single remedy
►Uses single remedies
►Sometimes associated with a phenomenon "healing crisis"(initial worsening of symptoms upon taking a homeopathic remedy before improvement occurs)

Classical homeopaths maintain that:

►Low potencies (2x-11x) generally produce effects on the physical level
►Middle potencies (12x-30x) generally produce effects on the mental level
►High potencies (above 30x) tend to elicit effects on the emotional level


►Based on homeopathy
►The bridge between classical homeopathy and conventional pharmacology
►Dr. Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg formulated homotoxicology in 1952


►method of detoxifying an organism loaded with toxins, with the use of a combination of homeopathic remedies
►Concept: Under normal conditions, the body is in a state of homeostasis; this balance is disturbed by the effects of toxic substances According to Dr. Reckeweg, health is "freedom from homotoxins"

Aims of Homotoxicology

►To detoxify the body and reverse the course of the illness
►To provide specific stimuli to the body's own defense
►To provide treatment, even in long term duration, without any negative side effects

Two principles of Paracelsus(1493-1541)

►1st principle: Activate the "internal doctor" instead of simply administering drugs "Nature is the 1st doctor; man, the second"
►2nd principle: When treating chronic illnesses, the treatment should not produce damaging side effects, even when carried out over long periods "The less physical a medication, the greater its virtues"

Classical homeopathy vs Homotoxicology

►Single remedies - combination
►Single dilution - combination
►Oral form - all forms
►Healing crisis
►more likely - greatly reduced

Allopathic Medicine vs Homeopathics

►Fast acting - slow acting
►More potent: high concentration - high dilution
►Major effect: suppress which may - stimulate the harm the body - immune system
►Negative side effects: many - none

According to Dr. Reckeweg, the ill effects of pork consumption are sufficient to inhibit the effectiveness of homeopathic medicines


Homeopathy and Homotoxicology

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