Our Mission

Provide quality health care to the Filipinos people and the neighboring Asian countries as well through Alternative and integrative medicine by offering advanced, high quality Homeopathic Medicine and Nutritional Products and competitive medical services. And at all times imploring the guidance of the Almighty GOD and the divine grand partner and the source of all wisdom and good successes.

Our Vision

To be the country’s leading distribution/ marketing company and the origin of all Medical practitioners in the field of Integrative Medicine and constantly embracing the endeared mission by developing human resources, prompting employees’ welfare, providing added value to our stakeholders, serving the community and creating brand awareness.

We pursue excellence in all phases of our country – our Goals, our Products and our People. Envisage furthermore our corporate goal in the two (2) avenues of services, such as;

A. Institutionalization of the practice of Homeopathy and Homotoxicology throughout the archipelago, thus;

1.) Clinic establishment in prioritized areas and clinic operations expansion nationwide;
2.) Establishment of Alternative/Integrative Medicine Training Institutions in designated area;
3.) Introduce to Private Conventional Medicine Practitioners/Physicians of different specialties the science of Homeopathy and Homotoxicology;
4.) Sourcing out relevant information from International Alternative/Integrative Medicine Educational Institutions, World renowned Practitioners, Conferences such as: International Board of Clinical and Metal Toxicology, The International Correspondence on Homotoxicology and other appropriate institutions in U.S., Europe and others to enhance, supplement, update, and uplift the technical knowledge of all practitioners here from time to time.
5.) Establishment of Research and Development group. (Documentation of Modalities for every indication with good success rate. Exchange of ideas);

B. Distribution of High Quality Homeopathic Medicines and Nutritional Products/Foods Supplement thus;
1.) Ready program for the registration of products with the Bureau of Food and Drugs;
2.) Diversification of distribution program which include among others the promotion of prioritized Homeopathic Medicines and Nutritional Products with the Conventional Doctors in the Hospital and Private Clinics;
3.) Intensification of products promotion to the existing Alternative/ Integrative Practitioner;
4.) Distribution and Clinic Operation Expansion to Asian/Asean Countries.

Meanwhile, we think, act and treat everyone as professionals. Trust is implicit. Dedication to the principle of honesty and openness is essential and expected. Attainment of goals requires action of a team. The free flow of information and ideas is likewise essential to the team effort.


Working is fun as it also supports and recognizes individual achievement.

And so, let us carry on our standard of excellence...

Becoming good team player and sharing responsibility...

Planning and working to make things better...

Enjoying the difficult tasks while learning from the past experiences...

Believing that each one of us can make a big difference!

For God... for our Country... and for our People.


Biological Homeopathic Medical Corp - Cebu

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