* Made from carefully selected native coconuts of Bohol Province, Philippines. (Native Coconuts are the best source of quality virgin oil.) It is manufactured in a processing center located in a place surrounded by pristine tropical rainforest right in the heart of Bohol. Free from air and chemical pollutants thereby ensuring the best quality of virgin coconut oil devoid of any air and chemical contaminants.

* Plastics implements and utensils are not used in the manufacture of BiONATURAL VIRGIN COCONUT OIL to guarantee that the product is safe from any chemical reactions emanating from plastics. BIONATURAL virgin coconut oil absolutely does not contain any preservatives, artificial color or any other chemical additives. It is completely NATURAL.

* Absolutely No Heat, its plain Cold Press from the choice of fresh and mature Philippine coconuts, All natural, Unrefined, Unbleached, Non-deodorized and its rich in Lauric Acid which is synthesized by human body into Monolaurin as known substance effective against lipid-coat fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

Yet today, our society still views food merely as something that satisfies the taste buds rather than something with inherent capabilities of promoting better health and reducing the risk of disease

"Working Definition of "Functional"

* A food is said to be functional if it contains a component that benefits one or a limited number of functions in the body in a targeted way that is relevant to either the state of well-being and health or the reduction of the risk of disease

Nutrition Facts

Three Classes of Macro nutrients:
* Carbohydrate
* Protein
* Fat

Virgin Coconut Oil

* Saturated Group
* Unique Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT's) which are shorter and easier to metabolize
* Does not contain Carbohydrate, thus it can be use as low carbohydrate diets
* Does not contain sugar or fiber
* Does not contain protein, thus it can be used in diets that call for protein restriction

How much Fat should one take daily?

* Nutritionist recommend that fat should comprise around 25-30% of total calories for the heart-healthy diet.

* Ex. 1,800 cal diet will have 450-540 calories from fat, equivalent to 50-60 grams, equivalent to3.3-4 tablespoons of VCO per day


* is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-protozoal monoglyceride used by the human or animal body to destroy lipid coated viruses such as HIV, coronavirus, herpes, cytomegalovirus, influenza, varius pathogenic bacteria ans some protozoans. Some studies have also shown some anti-microbial effects of the free lauric acids.

Health Benefits w/ Medical Basis

* Digestive Disorders
* Gallbladder problem - the digestion of fat is affected
* Pancreatitis - experience pain after eating
* Constipation - caused of lack of fiber and fluids in the diet
* Take 1 tablespoonful twice daily

Weight Loss

* gained the reputation for being the only low-calorie fat in the world.
* Satisfies hunger and makes you feel full faster
* Eat less and consume fewer calories each day
* Boost metabolism; as metabolism increases, calories are burned faster
* Take 1 tablespoonful 30 minutes before each meals

Cardiovascular Disease

* Hypercholesterolemia
* Atherosclerosis
* Hypertension
* Antioxidant to help protect the cardiovascular system from free-radical induced injury
* Take 1 tablespoonful 1-2x a day after meals

Bacterial infections

* Streptococcus
* Staphylococcus
* H. pylori
* E. coli
* Take 1 tablespoonful 2-3x a day

Energy Booster

* For Atheletes
* Take 1 tbsp 30 minutes before a sport event
* For Elderly
* Take 1 tbsp 2x a day, breakfast and lunch

Inflammatory Conditions


* Apply VCO to affected area 4-6x a day or take 1 tbsp 3-6x a day


* Apply VCO over affected area 3x a day, if skin is dry, apply right after taking a bath


* Massage affected joints 2x a day with warm VCO, also take 1 tbsp 3x a day

Viral Infections

* per day resulted in some improvement Mouth Sores (singaw) swish and gargle 1-2 tbsp 3x a day, or paint the mouth sore w/ pure VCO 3x a day Flu to prevent flu take 2 tbsp per day as maintenance Measles, Chicken Pox, Herpes Zoster rubbed on the affected area 3x a day, reduce the itchiness and inflammation HIV, Hepa C take 3½ - 6 tbsp in symptoms and laboratory results

Fungal infections

Athlete's Foot Rub VCO over affected area 3x a day or take 1 tbsp 2-3x a day Diaper Rash Rub VCO over affected area 3x a day or mix 1 tsp of VCO in milk and give 3x a day Dandruff Apply on scalp and massage, rinse after 30 min., repeat everyday or at least once a week depending on condition

Prostate Problems

*Prostate enlargement
* Hesitancy in urinating
* Weak stream, dribbling
* Frequent urination
* Feeling of incomplete voiding
* Take 1 tbsp 3-4x a day
* Diabetes
* Take 1 tbsp 2-3x a day after meals
* Hypothyroidism
* Take 1 tbsp 2x a day after meals

Liver Disease

* Cirrhosis and Hepatitis
*Take 2 tbsp a day, may increase up to 4x a day for hepatitis and cancer



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